How to Fill SARS Travel Logbook in South Africa

How to Fill SARS Travel Logbook in South Africa, Fill SARS Travel Logbook in South Africa

How to Fill SARS Travel Logbook in South Africa

How to Fill SARS Travel Logbook in South Africa

You can deduct business-related use of your own vehicle from your taxable income if you get a trip reimbursement from your employer. You must have a SARS travel logbook, where you can enter your work trip information as well as the mileage on your car. This article provides instructions on how to complete your SARS travel logbook.

How Do I Fill Out the SARS Travel Journal?

The SARS eLogbook for the tax year, which runs from March 1 through February 28 of the following year, should be downloaded first. Your essential business travel information for the 2022–23 SARS elogbook evaluation from March 1–February 28, 2023 On July 1st, 2023, tax filing season officially begins.

The motor vehicle odometer reading must be recorded on March 1st and again on February 28 or 29, which is the last day of the tax year. You should fill out the fields in the logbook that pertain to your business journey. By deducting opening kilometers from opening kilometers, you may determine your total kilometers for the tax year.

Only enter the miles you travel when conducting business when you fill out the SARS travel logbook. The logbook has fields for your destination and the distance you traveled. Keep in mind that you cannot deduct the cost of commuting between your home and place of employment.

If you use more than one vehicle for work during a given tax year, each vehicle must have its own logbook. The following information must be included into your SARS travel logbook during each business trip.

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Date of departure

Travel information for business (Starting point of the destination, places visited, and reasons for the business trip)
kilometers covered
Keep your logbook for around five years after the day you file your return since SARS can ask to see it as evidence for your claim.

How to Fill SARS Travel Logbook in South Africa

Does SARS Logbook Have to Be Used?

You are not permitted to deduct any business travel expenses from your allotted travel budget without a travel logbook. In other words, you cannot claim a travel deduction without a logbook. Calculating how far you can travel gets simpler with a trip journal. If necessary, SARS may also use the logbook to confirm your claim. As a result, you must keep your logbook and other documents for five years after the submission date.

How Is Travel Allowance Calculated by SARS?

SARS determines your travel allowance using two different ways. The first technique entails using a cost scale table that SARS provided and that can be accessed in your travel logbook’s introduction section.

The streamlined method makes use of the fixed rate per kilometer, as shown in the table below. With this approach, the employer shouldn’t make any more advances, allowances, or other payments.



Value of the Vehicle Rand Including VAT Fixed Cost
Rand p/a
Fuel Cost
Maintenance Cost
0-95 0000 29 836 131.70 40.90
95 000.01-190 000.00 52 889 147.00 51.10
190 000.01-285 000.00 76 033 159.70 56.30
285 000.01-380 000.00 96 197 171.80 61.50
380 000.01- 475 000.00 116 438 183.80 72.30
475 000.01 570 000.00 137 735 210.80 84.90
570 000.01-655 000.01 159 031 218.00 105.50
Above 655 000 159 031 218.00 105.50
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SARS can also figure up your claim based on the actual expenses you incurred while traveling for work. In addition to maintaining a logbook, it is crucial to keep a record of your expenditures during the tax year. The prices cover wear and tear, oil, petrol, insurance, car licensing, repairs and maintenance, and finance charges.

The amount will show up under code 3701 on the IRP5 if the company gives the employee a set allowance for business travel. The money used for fuel will be added to the overall amount if a petrol card is provided.

To substantiate your claim, you must maintain a valid log book with all the required information on the work trips that were taken. SARS may reject the logbook if some important details are lacking, which could result in further evaluation.

You need to do the following actions in order to be successful with your claim for business travel expenses:

Make sure the opening and closing kms on your odometer are same. Any discrepancy could result in SARS rejecting your claim. If there is a valid explanation for the discrepancy, be sure to notify SARS in writing.

Verify the accuracy of the distance traveled for both personal and professional reasons. SARS has the right to reject your claim if there is a mistake.

The logbook and the car’s service history must match for your claim to be accepted.

For the best outcome, make sure you supply reasonable private and business kilometers. Your claim may be disregarded if it is prejudiced in favor of business travel. You are not allowed to use your vehicle for personal business. For instance, the distance between your home and workplace is private rather than a corporate issue.
Therefore, it is a good idea to keep an accurate trip logbook to make it simpler for SARS to determine your travel allowance.

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