Iran: Earthquake – Nov 2021

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Iran: Earthquake – Nov 2021

Disaster description

A 6.4 magnitude earthquake hit Ghale’ Ghazi district, near Fin city in Hormozgan province of South Iran on 14 November 2021 at 15:37 local time. So far, 88 aftershocks (the biggest one with 6.2 Richter at 21:20 local time has hit the region). The affected area consists of one city and 137 villages, with a total population of approximately 9,121 households (36,484 people). In addition, affected cities in the surrounding area include Haji Abad, Bandar Abbas, and Roudan, which effects were felt in the Kerman and Fars provinces as well. According to the Emergency Medical Services (EMS), 99 individuals were injured, and one died as a result of the power pole collapse. People in the affected areas are terrified and are expected to stay outside overnight for a week, as aftershocks continue to strike at regular intervals. Slight cracks in the walls of buildings can be seen primarily in the villages near the epicenter, Fin district, Sarzeh, and Rezvan villages. The worst-affected villages are West Gishan, Aab Shirin, Zartoo Bala & Paeen, Roodshoor, Gohareh Chelo, and Chahkal.

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