Making Money With AdSense

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Making Money With AdSense

It takes a plan to make a considerable amount of money using AdSense. Check out the tips you can apply below to minimize AdSense revenue:

Read and follow Google’s rules

Webmasters don’t have a choice but to adhere to both Google’s webmaster policies and AdSense program policy. 

Avoid clicking on your own ads or request people to click on them:

Also, doing the following things is prohibited; incentivizing clicks, using a program designed to drive traffic to AdSense pages and buying Pay Per Click (PPC) space. Remember, Google hardly forgives when someone breaks the rules. So, ensure that you adhere to them.

Create the kind of great content that attracts your target market to read. Ultimately, money is made, regardless of whether it is via AdSense or other monetization methods, via the provision of valuable content and quality traffic to your website or blog.

Apply honest, organic traffic-building website marketing methods: Search engine optimization (SEO)and article marketing are fruitful techniques that draw free traffic to your site.

Optimize your website/blog for mobile (responsive): Users of mobile devices have increased tremendously. Also ensure that you utilize responsive ads to let Google send appropriate ad sizes to each mobile device accessing your site.

Test ad types and placement to get the options that result in the most income: Begin with standard sizes (300×250, 728×90, and 160×600). Then switch them out to know whether one size attracts more clicks than the other.

Max out your ad placement: You are given three standard ad placements per page. Utilize them all for optimal benefit.

Have ads above the fold: Here is the viewable section of your page that requires no scrolling.

Have a leader board ad under your header/logo: Rather than placing an ad at your page’s very top, place it near your logo because that’s where your audience can easily notice it.

Incorporate in-content ads for visibility: It means placing ads within your articles/posts. This can increase clicks since they will be seen by visitors when reading your posts.

Monitor your results: Google has many tools and feedback to overwhelm with. You need to do your best to analyze the data to deduce what it reports about your results. This will help you know your progress and the effort you have been putting in and should add.

Read email from Google: Such emails are important because some may be sending a warning about something on your site that Google disapproves of. Remember that if you fail to deal with Google’s complaints, the program may end in termination.

Advanced AdSense Tips

If ads are already running on your site, ensure that you are getting the most out of your AdSense program. Check out these additional tips you should consider when ready to increase your AdSense income:

Do experiments: You can A/B test your ads via AdSense.

Experiment using link and box colors: Are your colors matching your theme? If yes, consider switching them up to different colors to see if it improves your results.

Enable placement targeting: It allows advertisers to make a choice on where their ads appear.

Set up custom channels: Doing so gives you a better sense of the strategies that work and those that don’t regarding income generation on your site.



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