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The Nordstrom Employee Portal was created by the Nordstrom department store company. By logging onto the My Nordstrom Employee Login website, anyone associated with Nordstrom can access their account and submit benefit claims. The functional employee portal allows you to access the Nordstrom 401k program, Nordstrom Schedule, My Nordstrom Direct Access, and other employee benefits.

If you have the required items on hand, you can begin accessing the employee account at your HR desk or online at We offer a thorough lesson on the My Nordstrom Employee Login page.

What is My Nordstrom Employee Login Portal?

We provided a brief summary of the Nordstrom Employee login page in the paragraph above. The department store business gives its employees access to the My Nordstrom Employee Login Portal, a reliable employee login platform. As a result, if you are employed by the retailer, you can set up access to the Nordstrom Employee login page. To access the employee site, you need to know their user name and password.

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The user must first download the Nordstrom Apps in order to use the Nordstrom Direct interface. To use the application portal and access the employee benefits site, you must first determine your eligibility. To log on, you’ll need your Sherlock Nordstrom Net, My Nordstrom Mypay, a Nordstrom Employee Number, and a Nordstrom 401k Phone Number.

What are the benefits of the Nordstrom Employee Login?

  • You can get free access to the Nordstrom job schedule. You can check your shifts online without having to call the office.
  • Access the Nordstrom Pay stubs.
  • Logging in the user can check the Nordstrom training program which would surely enhance their skills.
  • The company can have a track of their employees if you use your account.
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Requirements to Access My Nordstrom Employee Login Portal

To access your account the user needs to have a few things handy. Here is the list of the things you need to have in order to access Nordstrom Account.

  1. Login Credentials– This is the foremost and most important thing when it comes to managing a Nordstrom account. You need to remember your My Nordstrom Login credentials for account access.
  2. Personal Device– It is always good to have a personal smartphone or computer device in order to access an account. Using a public device might raise risks of privacy violations.
  3. Email Address– The user should have the registered email active. You might require it for password resets and more.
  4. Internet- Check whether your device has an active internet connection as it will enable a smooth login session.
How to Log into MyNordstrom Employee Account
  • If you are willing to log into your Nordstrom employee account, then you need to open the login page at or of the Nordstrom website.
  • As the website opens, it will show the login widget at the center.
  • Enter the Employee ID and Password in the blank spaces and click on the login button.
  • It will now direct you to the account management console, from where you can access the available employee account management features.
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  • Request, Reset or Forgot Password
  • In case the user has lost his/her account login password they need to open the login page of the Nordstrom.
  • Below the login widget, there will be a red link reading ‘Request, Reset, or Forgot Password’.
  • A new page will open when you click on it. Enter the employee number in the white box and click on the “Request Password’ button.

Customer Service

Customer Service Phone

1 (888) 282-6060

Official Website

Corporate Office Address

1617 6th Avenue, Seattle, WA, 98101, United States


At the end of the day, you will surely find the Nordstrom Employee Login platform a charming one. Instead of visiting the HR desk every time, you could use the employee portal for a lot of usage.


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