PLE Results 2023/2024 Uganda – UNEB PLE Results Check

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PLE Results 2023–2024: Uganda – UNEB PLE Results Check

Detailed information about Uganda UNEB PLE results 2023-2024!!

We have provided essential details regarding Uganda UNEB PLE results for 2023-2024, so what are you waiting for? Go ahead as soon as possible and get Uganda UNEB PLE results 2023-2024 details.

The Uganda National Examination Board (UNEB) has released the Primary Leaving Examinations (PLE) Results, PLE results 2023–2024 has been released and published online. Check UNEB PLE results for 2023-2024 below; According to the Ministry of Education Permanent Secretary Alex Kakooza, the national examination body is set to decide on the date of release this week.

UNEB PLE results 2023/2024: Students who have appeared to this exam will able check their marks by name & Examination number. Candidates can know the results from its official Uganda National Examination Board (UNEB) website as well as using below given link in this post.

The PLE Results 2023/2024 Uganda, recently released 2023 PLE Results: Performance Drop and High Ungraded Rates

The Primary Leaving Examinations for 2023, recently released, reveal a decrease in performance across all subjects compared to the previous year. During the announcement at State House Nakasero on January 25, 2024, Dan Odongo, the Executive Director of UNEB, noted that a larger portion of candidates in 2023 achieved at least a Division 3 rating. 

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He mentioned that in Science and Mathematics, a higher proportion of candidates passed. While the overall performance in 2023 was akin to 2022, there was a notable increase in the number of students receiving a Division U (Ungraded), standing at 88,269 (10.4%). This category is assigned to those who do not meet the minimum performance level for Division 4 and are ineligible for Senior 1 class admission. The high percentage of Division U students, especially in districts like Kibuku, Madi Okollo, Dokolo, Kween, and Namisindwa, is concerning as it might contribute to increased school dropout rates.

In 2023, 749,254 candidates from 15,859 centers registered for the PLE, a decrease from 832,654 in 2022. Among these, 501,602 (66.9%) were Universal Primary Education (UPE) beneficiaries, and 247,652 (33.1%) were non-UPE candidates. Males outperformed females overall, with a higher proportion in Division One and Two, while females excelled in English, outscoring males.

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From the Uganda Prison, 60 of the 69 registered candidates sat for the exams. Their results varied, with some achieving high divisions and others being ungraded. Nine candidates did not sit for the exam.

The results will be available on examination center portals for schools to download upon official release. However, hard copies can be collected from the UNEB offices in Ntinda by District, Municipal, and City Inspectors of Schools starting Monday, January 29, 2024. As an alternative, results can also be accessed instantly via SMS on mobile networks.

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Quick Guide: Checking UNEB PLE Results Online

Checking your UNEB PLE results is now a straightforward process, thanks to the online portal.

Here’s a concise guide to help you through it:

  1. Visit the Website: Start by going to UNEB eResults.
  2. Request eResults: On the homepage, look for the option to request UNEB eResults.
  3. Fill in Your Details: 1-Email: Enter a valid email address.  2-Phone Number: Provide your phone number.
  4. Submit: After entering your details, click ‘submit’ to send your request to UNEB.
  5. Receive Instructions: Check your email or phone for instructions on how to access your results.
  6. Access Results: Follow the received instructions to view your PLE results.
  7. Print/Save: You can print or save your results for future reference.

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Remember, the accuracy of your email and phone number is crucial for a smooth experience. Follow the provided post-submission instructions carefully to access your results.

Uganda UNEB PLE results How Do I check results on Phone? You can get the PLE results 2023 for any candidate in a few simple steps.

In your message box, type PLE INDEX NUMBER and send it to 6600.

For example, to check the results of the candidate with index number 654321/001, in your message box, type PLE 654321/001 AND SEND TO 6600.

You will receive an SMS at a cost of UGX 500 per candidate

For School Administrations, results will be uploaded on the examination centre portals to enable schools download the results as they are officially released.

No hard copies of the results, Mrs Kalule said, will be available at the UNEB offices for now, until a later date when conditions permit.

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How to Check UNEB PLE Results Online:

  1. Visit the UNEB eReg Portal via On the Results Page,
  2. Enter your Index Number. Click on Search and wait for your results to show up on the next page.

                                 CLICK HERE FOR: UNEB PLE results 2023/2024.

PLE Results 2023–2024: Uganda – UNEB PLE Results Check

How to Check UNEB PLE Results via SMS

This is done by sending a simple SMS to 6600.

  • For P7 UNEB PLE Results, go to messages on your phone and type PLE <space> Index No e.g. PLE 000001/001 and send this to 6600.
  • For S4 UNEB UCE Results, go to messages on your phone and type UCE <space> Index No e.g. UCE U0001/001 and send this to 6600.
  • For S6 UNEB UACE Results, go to messages on your phone and type UACE <space> Index No e.g. UACE U0001/501 and send this to 6600.
  • For Technical Institute results, go to messages on your phone and type TECH <space> Index No e.g. TECH UT002/0001 and send this to 6600.
  • Note: This Service Cost Ushs 500 for Each SMS you Send. You will then receive your Exam Result details instantly.


✳ Type PLE <space> Index no.

✳ Send to 6600. For example PLE 003400/001 and send to 6600.

✳ Each SMS costs 500/-

Congratulations if you made your UNEB Results. Also, check this site frequently for UNEB Updates.

For more information and inquiries, you can contact the UNEB by visiting the institution’s official website:

Address: 35 artyrs Way, Ntinda P.O.Box 7066 Kampala-Uganda

Tel: +256 414 286635/6/7/8 Mobile: +256-312-260753. Website:


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