Seize your courage

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Seize your courage

Seize your courage :

I woke one morning and realized something amazing. I realized I didn’t love my life. Why is that amazing? Well, with that one realization I learned something. Only I have the power to change my life. So I decided then and there to stop waiting. Stop Waiting for the perfect job. Stop Waiting for the perfect job. Stop Waiting for the perfect partner. Stop waiting for the perfect opportunity. I had been waiting long enough, so I decided to go for it.

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I let go of all my fears, all the worry about what might happen in the future, and forgot about all my failures from my past and I just totally grabbed life and just went for it. Now, when I feel a little lost in any area of my life, I ask myself One Question. Am I truly passionate about this part of my life? You are here to be passionate about life, about love, about your work, and about yourself. Seize your courage NOW before it’s too late.

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