The Fox and the Hare.

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The Fox and the Hare.

A Moral Story : The Fox and the Hare.

A hare was staring at a fox in admiration.

The fox asked, “What are you staring at?”

The hare said in an anxious voice, “I was wondering about you”.

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The fox asked, “What is the wonder with me?”

The hare said “Are you really as cunning as people say?”

The fox looked at the hare with a thoughtful look and replied after some silent moments, “Well! Why don’t you do one thing? Come tonight and join me for dinner. We shall discuss the matter”.

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The hare went to the fox’s house at night. On the dining table were laid plates and bowls. But there was no food at all.

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The hare thought, “Oh! What a fool I am! The fox has planned to eat me” and he ran away.

Moral of the Story : Cunning words are undependable.


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