What Is the Extended Network at Verizon 2023? (Everything You Need to Know)

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What Is the Extended Network at Verizon 2023? (Everything You Need to Know)

What Is the Extended Network at Verizon 2023? (Everything You Need to Know). You might occasionally notice that your network name has changed to “Extended” while traveling. You might be perplexed as to why this occurs and why this update may cause your internet connection to slow down. We’ll go over what Verizon’s Extended Network is, how it functions, and why it might be the best option for your needs in this blog post. So read on for all the details!


What is Verizon’s Extended Network?

With the help of Verizon’s Extended Network feature, you can use other cellular service providers’ cell towers without paying any roaming fees. In this manner, you can still make calls and use the internet without incurring additional costs even if you are outside of Verizon’s service area.


This feature is possible because Verizon has agreements with other major cellular service providers. They have towers in most parts of the country that Verizon customers can access.

That said, depending on your area, Verizon will automatically connect you to one of its partner networks if there’s no Verizon coverage available. That way, you can stay connected and keep doing what you were doing without worrying about any additional charges.

What is Verizon’s Extended Network LTE?Verizon’s Extended Network LTE

The process of establishing a coverage connection with another cellular service provider is known as extended network LTE. Numerous terms are actually used by businesses to describe this process, such as extended coverage, extended network, off-net coverage, domestic roaming, etc. In some of their plan descriptions, Verizon might also refer to it as “domestic roaming.”

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However, all these names mean essentially the same thing. So, don’t worry if Verizon’s website or app states that you’re connected to its Extended Network LTE. It’s the same extended coverage feature provided by Verizon.

Where Can You See Verizon’s Extended Network?

Verizon’s Extended Network is only accessible within the United States because of agreements the company has with other cellular service providers there. This indicates that in order to utilize Verizon’s Extended Network, you must be in one of the following places:

  • Within the United States
  • US Virgin Islands
  • Puerto Rico.

However, you won’t be able to access this feature if you’re roaming internationally. Since Verizon does not offer Extended Network service outside the United States, you will be charged international roaming fees if you try to access Verizon’s network in other countries.

Do you have to pay extra for using the extended network with Verizon?

The Verizon Extended Network is already a free addition to all current Verizon plans. Therefore, you won’t be charged any additional fees if you use Verizon’s network while connected to a partner network for coverage.

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If your Verizon plan is an old one, that is the only exception. If so, you’ll need to check the specifics of your plan on Verizon’s My Plan page. Domestic roaming information is typically already present if it is absent. Any additional costs will be listed if there are any.

Can Verizon’s Extended Network Change Your Device Settings?

Your device settings won’t be changed by Verizon’s Extended Network. Only your network name will change. When you are connected to an Extended Network, Verizon may also send you a notification.

Can Verizon’s Extended Network Use Your Mobile Data?

Yes, when you’re connected to a partner network for coverage, Verizon’s Extended Network will use your mobile data. Your connection’s speed will, however, be based on how well the other network is covered. Usually, using an extended network comes with slower speeds, so keep that in mind.

Can you use Verizon’s extended network to make calls?

Generally, yes. Verizon’s Extended Network allows you to make calls the same way that you would when using Verizon’s network. However, in some cases, you will need to enter a “1” before the area code to make a call in some areas.

Can you use Verizon’s extended network to make international calls?

Providing that your Verizon account has the international services feature enabled. The procedure is the same as for any other international call placed in the Verizon coverage area.

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Can you use HD Voice with Verizon’s Extended Network?

Some areas may not support Verizon HD Voice. So, there’s a chance it will not work once you’re connected to Verizon’s Extended Network.

Is There a Difference Between Verizon’s Extended Network and Roaming?

Typically, international roaming comes to mind when you think of roaming. When this service is used to provide service in other countries, it usually costs more. Since Verizon must buy access from other networks, this feature can be quite pricey.

On the other hand, Verizon’s Extended Network is a domestic roaming service that is offered with its current plans at no additional cost. In order to give Verizon customers the same coverage they would have if they were using the Verizon network, Verizon has agreements with other domestic networks.

This means that both features are essentially roaming services. International roaming is used abroad and costs extra, while Verizon’s Extended Network is only available in the United States and is free.


Therefore, if “Extended” appears next to your network name, it simply means that Verizon’s cell phone towers aren’t present where you are. Instead, you are automatically connected to a tower owned by one of Verizon’s partner carriers. In such circumstances, you will still be able to make calls, send texts, and browse the internet for no extra cost, just like you would on Verizon’s network.



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