Exactly how To Apply To The R350 Give Under The New Rules

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Exactly how To Apply To The R350 Give Under The New Rules,How to Apply for the R350 Grant Under the New Regulations?,How to complete SASSA Reapplication?

how To Apply To The R350 Give Under The New Rules

Exactly how To Apply To The R350 Give Under The New Rules

Since the National State of Catastrophe has actually finished, the Sassa R350 grant is taken care of under brand-new rules. Here’s how to submit your R350 grant application under these new rules.

The Special Relief of Distress (SRD) give is now managed under the Social Support Act and also not the State of Catastrophe Work As we are no longer under the National State of Catastrophe. So just how will SRD give applications function now?

The SRD give results from pertain to an end in March 2023. Each month, Sassa R350 grant applications are open for those intending to apply.



Exactly how to request the SRD give online

How To Apply To The R350 Grant Under The New Rules

  1. Go to srd.sassa.gov.za
  2. Scroll to the ‘How do I obtain this SRD Grant’ section
  3. Click the yellow bar which claims ‘go here to use online’
  4. Enter your mobile number
  5. Click “send out sms”
  6. After that go into the one time pin that Sassa has actually sent out to the number
  7. Proceed the application process by completing the actions required by Sassa


How to make an application for the SRD grant on WhatsApp

  1. Add 082 046 8553 as a contact on your phone
  2. Go on WhatsApp and also send a message claiming ‘hi’ to this number
  3. You will certainly then get a feedback and also you must after that respond claiming ‘assist’.
  4. You will certainly be offered different alternatives, reply claiming ‘4’.
  5. This will lead you to the Unathi Sassa platform message which you must reply ‘SRD’ to.
  6. You then have to validate whether you’re looking for on your own or somebody else.
  7. Now the actual application starts as well as you’ll need to send your name, surname and ID number in the message.
  8. You will certainly then receive a message on Whatsapp stating the following actions.


In order to accessibility or to have your SRD grant application taken into consideration, an applicant should give authorization for Sassa to validate his or her identity, residency, revenue or social security benefits. Applicants will likewise need to approve the affirmation and authorization.Exactly how To Apply To The R350 Give Under The New Rules

Under the brand-new Act, existing recipients are prompted to reapply. When you have actually reapplied, you won’t need to apply once more.

Applicants are urged to only submit one application rather than numerous applications across the various platforms. Verification will be obtained as quickly as the application has actually been efficiently sent.

Sassa has to after that authorize or decline all SRD grant applications received before the 15th of the month. Recipients will then get an SMS informing them of whether they’ve been approved or not.


How to submit banking details to sassa

You have the ability to modify their replies to the screening questions that were asked in their application and/or change any banking information that may have been initially submitted on the SRD website in a manner that was inaccurate. This may be done by following the below instructions:

  1. Visit the website of the SRD at www.srd.sassa.gov.za to learn more.
  2. Continue scrolling down until you reach the section labeled “How can I modify my banking details?”
  3. Put in your identification number.
  4. The mobile phone number that was provided throughout the process of registration for the SRD application will get an SMS or text message giving a link to the sassa banking data.
  5. Simply follow the instructions that are provided by opening the banking details link that was sent to you through SMS.


Please double check that you are the legal owner of the bank account before directing the money to be deposited there if you choose to have it done that way. It is not possible for SASSA to deposit your grant money into the bank account of another individual.


If you decide to use the option to transfer money through one of the main banks, it is imperative that you confirm that the mobile phone number on which you got the SMS message is associated with your own personal identity. If the mobile phone number that is registered in your account belongs to someone else, SASSA will not pay the award that you are eligible for. After the verification procedure is complete, new banking information will only be utilized for any payments that occur in the future.


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