Sassa Removes One Requirement For R350 Grant Applicants

Sassa Removes One Requirement For R350 Grant Applicants,One requirement for R350 Grant applicants is waived by Sassa,One requirement for R350 grant applicants has been removed by Sassa,Sassa Removes One Requirement For R350 Grant Applicants,Sassa eliminates one R350 grant requirement

Sassa Removes One Requirement For R350 Grant Applicants

Sassa Removes One Requirement For R350 Grant Applicants


The Social Relief of Distress Grant (SRD Grant) is administered in terms of section 32 of the Social Assistance Act, 2004 (Act No. 13 of 2004) and is implemented with the concurrence of the Minister of Finance.


The Social Relief of Distress Grant (SRD Grant) is meant for South African Citizens, Refugees, Asylum Seekers and Special Permit Holders who are between the ages of 18 and 60 years, who have insufficient means, who do not receive social grants on behalf of herself/ himself or who are not contributing to or eligible for UIF payment, and have no financial support from any other source.

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Millions of individuals rely on the Social Relief of Distress (SRD) stipend each month to buy necessities. One restriction that previously barred people from obtaining grant payments has been lifted, potentially increasing the number of people who benefit from the program.



Grant application

The South African Social Security Agency (Sassa) has announced that grant applicants for Social Relief of Distress (SRD) would no longer need to verify their award applications every three months.

This implies that candidates may apply once and their SRD grant applications will be examined for each month the award is offered.

“Due to changed regulations, clients do not need to resubmit replies to screening questions,” Sassa explained.

The modified regulations were announced in August by the Department of Social Development (DSD) in order to improve citizen acceptance of the SRD award.

However, the former need for SRD grant applicants to reconfirm their funding every three months meant that some people did not get their grant payment in July 2022.

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Exactly how To Apply To The R350 Give Under The New Rules


This rule required everyone who submitted for the SRD award in April 2022 to reaffirm their applications for the SRD grant in July 2022. This is due to the fact that three months had gone since their first applications.

“The July 2022 evaluation was delayed since prior laws required participants to verify their award every three months.” “June 2022 was the third month after April, and many people neglected to reaffirm their grants,” the DSD noted.

Sassa has also asked SRD award recipients to give their exact bank account information. This is due to the fact that any inaccuracies in inputting banking account information may result in your SRD award not being paid.