How To Change Author Name On Your Blogspot

You may want to Change the Author Name On Your Blogspot, today I will write on that so that you can move on with no worries. Here are the simple steps you will have to follow. 

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Step 1 – Log in to your Blogger account with administrator permissions.

Step 2 – Click the “Settings” link and choose “General” from the submenu. It is at the bottom. 
Step 3 – Select the “User profile” option to be taken to a new blogger profile edited page.

Step 4 – Scroll on this page as seen to choose “Identity” from its menu. Go to “Display name” which has a reserved space to enter the author name you want to be seen on all the posts you publish.

Step 5 – There is much you can do as well on this identification page as you can see. Please what so ever you find challenging here in just write so I can produce a post to help you out. You can scroll right to the bottom and click on “Save profile”.