How To Find Codes In Blogger Template

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 Here in this short post, I will be solving a simple question usually asked by many beginners. How to find a specific code in the blogger template is served to you here so simply so that you know and master it. It is my wish that from this report you grab the thing and never have to ask such questions again. 

With the new blogger template HTML editor, i noticed many comments from readers saying that they face difficulties finding codes. Despite the fact that Blogger new template HTML editor has made code-finding more difficult or less straightforward herein, i will release all you must know about the topic.

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Follow the following steps to find codes in the blogger template:

Step 1 –  Go to your blogger by typing in the search box of your preferred browser(I assume you already have a blogger account and have created a blog from which you want to find a code).

Step 2 – From the top left-hand side of the open blogger account, chose the blog you wish to get the code from.

Step 3 – Go to Theme > 

Step 4 – Go to drop down on Customize >

Step 5 – Go to Edit HTML  >

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Step 6 –  You get to the Template > click anywhere inside the HTML editor.

Step 7 – Press Ctrl+F (Cmd+F in Mac), and a search box should appear in the upper right corner of the editor.

Step 8 – Type or paste the code you are looking for in the search box. If you want to search for the code <head>,  you simply need to copy-paste it in this search box.

Step 9 – In the previous step, I asked you to copy the complete code you want to find because in trying to write it out you may distort it and face the risk of finding something else and can distort your template which is not a good thing. So, please copy and paste what you want to look for, and remember to select it, press Ctrl+A. Ensure that what you want to find is selected and then press Enter.

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Step 10 – Press the Enter key on your PC. All related results will be highlighted and the content of the HTML window will jump up to reveal the first match.

Press the Enter key again to jump to the next result and so on.


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