How To Find Missing CNAME Record Of Blogger Blog Again For Custom Domain

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 Herein I will answer a very challenging question that really disturbed me. This post was published here,  Here in I decide to bring it again but in a revised form. You know that much has changed on our blogger dashboard that should lead to a revision of such a post. Here we provide a revised version of it with the main aim to bring you help. Remember I wrote how I turned all around the corner getting into Blogger Help Forum for help. For several days I got links to follow both from my domain host as well as referred links from Blogger Help Forum that let me turn around and around with no concrete answer leading to a solution.


You surely ask yourself  questions like 

Questions like… 

  •     –  I lost my CNAME for blogger
  •   I deleted all my DNS Management Records [Blogger] Can It be restored? HELP
  •   I accidentally deleted the A record for my domain. What can I do to restore it?
  •   I accidentally deleted All my DNS records for my domain. how can i restore the default records for my domains?
  •   I added a domain to my blogger and i remove it from blogger and from
  •   I deleted CNAME from Records on domain manager on GoDaddy now i need to RECOVERY    CNAME how I can do
  •   Yesterday I, unfortunately, deleted “host @” in the DNS Zone file’s Cname Record. So, I  can’t find my domain in the browser. Now, I add a new record for it. But, still not accessing my domain. How can I get back my domain? Subdomains of this domain are still working.
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 You can not imagine what those in such a situation are going through, See the Cnames that come up the first time before disappearing,

When we mistakenly delete the CNAMES, bloggers gives no room to see them again, both the first CNAME common for all blog domains, www directed to and second CNAME that is particular to each domain. 

The third-party redirect will not direct you to the error window that displays the concerned CNAMEs. What we notice this time around after fitting in our domain redirect link and clicking on save,  is that blogger saves the link meaning the redirect is functional. We know that our  CNAME(Alias) on our DNS editor board has no details and we are sure the redirect will not work even though process on blogger was saved successfully. 


  • Note that all attempts to get help from the domain providers will fail since they have no access on your blogger dashboard. 

After much struggle, we fell on this

You will need to know that to install a custom domain name for you blogger blog, the CNAME record is essential for that job. To redirect your blog to the custom domain requires the corresponding CNAME entries in the domain registrar system account. Go and Put the entries inside and your domain registrar. This will take like 24hrs  to redirect your blog completely to the new custom domain. 

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Getting CNAME Records in Blogger First Time

Finding CNAME records for the first time as said above here is not a difficult task. To get there, Just sign in to the concerned Blogger blog account and head to the settings section, then basic(settings) you’ll find the Publishing options where you find the hosted account URL and here you can place the third-party URL for your blog or website. Add you’ve purchased Domain in place of the blogger hosted domain and click on the Save Button now you are prompted with the two CNAME entries. A first CNAME record is the default for all and a second is separate for all. Which looks like below.

               HOST                                            POINTS TO



our case in question concerned the deleted Cname that does not show up any more. what are we to do  to get it again? 

Follow the easy guide below to get the Second CNAME record again?

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Getting CNAME Records in Blogger Second Time:

It is a very simple way we shall be taking to get you back on the lost second CNAME records of your blog or website. We are not working on getting the first CNAME record as mentioned before because it is default to all blogger Blogspot accounts.

How do we get this second CNAME Records in Blogger is what we are after. 

Steps to follow to get  CNAME records in blogger for the second time:

Step – 1   Go to Google Webmasters Central. Go to the GoogleWebmasters Verification Tool and here you will find the list of your verified sites.

  Head over to the site which you want to find the details Click on Verification details.

Step – 2    Click on the Details link on the DNS CNAME record

Step – 3    Copy your DNS CNAME record details and paste in your DNS Zone 

                CNAME (Alias) windows


In these three steps, from the Webmaster verification tool, your problem finds its solution.

Our second DNS CNAME record; Host and Pointing to address can now be copied and pasted to the domain provider account. It’ll make it easier for the domain registrar to locate the website or blog again. Remember to give some time for the redirection to effectively work. 


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