Job Opportunity at Wesley College, Matron

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Job Opportunity at Wesley College, Matron

Job Opportunity at Wesley College, Matron


Job Opportunity at Wesley College, Matron

Position: Matron



JOB TYPE: Full Time


SUPERVISOR: Dean of students


To assist with and contribute to the supervision and care of pupil members in Hostels. To oversee the domestic running of the house; these will include cleaning, laundry, maintenance, health and safety and medical arrangements for individual pupils. Required to liaise with dean of students, as well as parents, about individual student pastoral issues.


  • Be fully responsible for the daily care and upkeep of the students at the Hostel house
  • Report to the dean of students any emergency during night
  • Encourage students to make their beds, tidy rooms, properly dressed and to be clean
  • Take individual care of each student and encourage them to attend lectures at the college
  • Co-ordinate with students in making sure cleanliness is done.
  • Control and monitor proper usage of cleaning and dormitory supplies
  • Ensure students rooms are presentable and be present to unlock rooms and supervise maintenance
  • Be available to take students to hospital or town as necessary and supervise washing of laundry.
  • Liaise with dean of students to prepare the shopping list and buying material for the month and report promptly any problem such as sickness on any emergencies


  • Be a visible presence in dorm and co-ordinate preparation of supper or dinner
  • Be available to welcome students back (home) boarding discusses any issue arising with students return laundry
  • Monitor students during the prep time, and encourage them to prep.
  • Prep ends, supervise the student going to bed, maintaining silence in the dormitory
  • Be available during free time weekend and public holidays supervise supper and other well being
  • Be available to circulate occasionally and ensuring minimum talk and be available in case of emergency call




  • Diploma in Nursing
  • 2 to 5 years in Nursing or being a matron
  • Experience in medical matters, parental, training, health and safety matters



  • Fluent in Swahili
  • Preference given to Tanzanian applicants
  • Experience at an institute of higher learning or training institute or secondary schools’ hostels.



All Applications must be submitted for short listing before 07th April 2022

Applications for the above post must be submitted to the following address: [email protected] or Applicants can submit their applications physically to the HR office at Wesley college.

Company Description

Wesley College is a new educational venture that is being built from the ground up, not looking at traditional education models, but the specific educational needs in Tanzania and what type of higher education institute would have the ability to address those educational needs. Wesley College will use experiential, project based learning to help prepare students to be job ready professionals.The College is registered under NACTE (REG NO:BTP/087) and the Institute of Adult Education (REG NO:EAI/OS/0461)


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