Sassa Beneficiaries Urged To Renew Expired Gold Cards

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Sassa Beneficiaries Urged To Renew Expired Gold Cards

Sassa Beneficiaries Urged To Renew Expired Gold Cards

Sassa Beneficiaries Urged To Renew Expired Gold Cards

Grant beneficiaries can use SASSA/Postbank gold cards at ATMs and retail outlets throughout the country for free. Moreover, the first three transactions on these cards will not incur any fees from the bank.

Sassa Beneficiaries Urged To Renew Expired Gold Cards

In an appeal to grant recipients whose gold cards expire in March 2023, SASSA is inviting them to go to their nearest Post Office branch and collect their reissued SASSA/Postbank cards.


As of Monday 13 March 2023, grant recipients can pick up their new gold cards from their nearest Post Office.

New gold cards, however, will only be offered to individuals in whose names expiring cards have been issued at Post Offices. Unless a person is registered with Sassa as a procurator, he or she cannot collect a new gold card on another’s behalf.


Those receiving social grants should be aware that they must collect new cards at the South African Post Office only if their SASSA/Postbank Gold Cards expire in March 2023.

On the following dates, beneficiaries will be able to obtain the new gold cards:

  • The issuance of cards for Old Age Grant and Disability Grant recipients will take place on Mondays and Tuesdays (starting Monday 13 March 2023).
  • Beginning Wednesday 15 March 2023, all grants, including Child Support Grants, will be collected by persons receiving new gold cards.


Post Office branch hours

The following are the Post Office branch hours:

  • Monday to Friday: 08H00 – 16H00
  • Saturday: 09H00 – 13H00
  • Sunday: Closed

Required Documents

It is required that grant recipients bring the following documents with them when collecting their grant:

  • Documents proving South African citizenship and identity
  • The SASSA/Postbank Gold Card will expire in March 2023 (03/2023).

After activation, the cardholder can choose a new PIN and use the card immediately to withdraw funds or make any


To replace their gold cards that expire in March 2023, grant recipients must also go to their nearest Post Office branch.

Afterward, SASSA/Postbank Gold Cards will be issued to beneficiaries using fingerprint verification at the post office.

Sassa also notes that beneficiaries whose gold cards are due to expire in the coming months need not be concerned, since they will continue to receive payments into those cards.

If you are a grant recipient with a card that doesn’t expire during March, please do not try to collect a new card at the post office at this time.

Gold cards that expire in the future will be collected by Sassa and Postbank according to a public announcement.


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