UNHCR Ecuador: Pichincha and Santo Domingo Sub-Office Factsheet, December 2021

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Operational context

UNHCR’s Pichincha Suboffice (SOPI) is located in Quito, Ecuador’s largest city also hosting the highest number of Colombian refugees as well as the largest population of Venezuelan refugees and migrants in the country. UNHCR provides protection and promotes the socioeconomic inclusion of Venezuelans, Colombians and other people of concern of other nationalities, as well as host communities. The Suboffice in Quito also covers Santo Domingo and the Sierra provinces of Tungurahua, Cotopaxi and Chimborazo.

Following the ease of health measures UNHCR, partners, and other stakeholders have identified a monthly increase in the number of new arrivals, mainly from Colombia and Venezuela, in Pichincha and Santo Domingo. In both provinces, people of concern are finding a place to settle down, being Quito the major destination, although a significant numbers continue onward to other parts of country or third countries like Peru and Chile. COVID-19 had a strong impact in the cities of Quito and Santo Domingo. Many people of concern have either been at heightened risk of eviction, evicted or have resorted to stay in the streets, having found themselves without a job and with fewer income-generating options. To address this situation, UNHCR and partners continue to providing counselling through face to face services, protection hotlines, information in service fairs for people of concern and the host community, referrals to immediate emergency services and local integration programmes. UNHCR and partners distribute hygiene kits along main routes access and other goods to strengthen the response at shelters and other spaces, while supporting the response of local governments.

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UNHCR also provides technical and operational support to community.based organizations and local governments to enhance access to essential services for people of concern, including internet access, childcare, and safe temporary shelters. Additionally, the UN Refugee Agency promotes peaceful coexistence through integration acitivities like community muralpainting, community cleaning (mingas), economic reactivation fairs and art workshops.


Primary country

  • Ecuador

Other countries

  • Colombia
  • Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of)




  • Coordination
  • Health
  • Protection and Human Rights
  • Shelter and Non-Food Items
  • Water Sanitation Hygiene

Disaster type

  • Epidemic

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