Career Opportunities from SEO and Digital Advertising

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Today’s digital transformation affects many things, from business models to job descriptions. Those who are able to keep up with this transformation can easily find a place in the new career areas without being behind the innovations.

SEO and digital ads, which are the trend marketing tools of the new age, have started to take an important place in every sector and yes in NGOs, too. The need of personnel who dominate these issues in the marketing departments of companies is increasing day by day. At this point, instead of employing highly qualified personnel, organizations are turning to personnel who can communicate with the digital agencies and establish the connection between them.

If you are looking for a job as a donor relations specialist or fund raising officer in an NGO you should learn about entry-level digital marketing to be at the forefront of recruitment processes.

The first step is SEO!

The word SEO is made up of the initials of Search Engine Optimization. We can explain it as a work that makes the internet projects suitable in the search engines with certain rules and that the sites rise to the top of the searches. Today, the most widely used search engine is Google and thus Google is the most dominant organization determining SEO rules.

Digital advertising platforms

The subject of digital advertising covers an extensive area. There are many digital platforms in use today, and advertising space is increasing day by day. To list the most effective digital advertising areas, we can talk about platforms such as Google ADS, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Google ADS (Google Adwords)

Perhaps the oldest digital advertising platform, Google Adwords, is the most effective advertising tool for today’s Google ADS. Google searches can be seen at the top, ads section, increasing site traffic, as well as creating new customer contacts. At the same time, video and display ads can be managed through this platform. Every sector that wants to gain customers from the Internet must devote budget to Google ADS. So by creating a Google ADS account that you can experiment with, can create new business opportunities in the future.

Social media ads

As you know, the most used social media platforms are Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. These platforms can be made good use of promotion, donor relations and reaching people in need. In addition, social media ads can be promoted to websites or advertising campaigns can be organized in social media accounts. This situation creates the need for personnel who can work in this field.

So, where to start?

You may find digital marketing complex and distant to this field; however, as we mentioned in the first place, you should remember that these areas will give you an important priority in recruitment processes. You may not be able to master all digital marketing tools right away, but you can improve yourself and participate in online trainings with small essays and articles you find on the Internet.

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