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The Center for Humanitarian Data is focused on increasing the use and impact of data in the humanitarian sector. It is managed by the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) and is based in The Hague, the Netherlands. The Center’s services are available to humanitarian partners and OCHA staff in the field and at headquarters.

The Center focuses on four areas: data services, data responsibility, data literacy, and predictive analytics. The data services workstream focuses on the management of the Humanitarian Data Exchange (HDX) platform, the development and use of the Humanitarian Exchange Language (HXL) data standard, and support for the International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI). The data responsibility workgroup focuses on the development and adoption of guidelines and different techniques for the secure management of data, both within OCHA and the broader humanitarian system. The data literacy workstream focuses on improving the data skills of technical and non-technical humanitarians through the delivery of training programmes and the sharing of capacity-building material. The predictive analytics workstream focuses on model development, including threshold and trigger design for anticipatory action, and quality assurance of partner models through validation and peer review.[wbcr_html_snippet id=”1252″ title=”In-Article Ads”]

The Center is looking for a Data Manager to support data-contributor organisations in sharing data on HDX. The role will primarily be responsible for ensuring the quality of data shared on the platform, offering data visualization and standardization support, and maintaining good working relationships with data contributors. We are looking for a candidate who is self-motivated, enjoys working with data and the people who produce it, and can thrive in an international, remote, and multidisciplinary team.

Reporting Relationships
The data manager will be a part of the center’s data partnerships team and will report to the head of the data partnerships team, who is based in Geneva. The data manager will be expected to work closely with the rest of the HDX team and with information and data managers at headquarters and field locations.

The data manager will be responsible for the following:

Work with partner organizations to support their data-sharing efforts on HDX.
Develop data visualizations and analyses for data-sharing organizations.
Support the daily maintenance of HDX by creating new organization pages, reviewing the quality of new datasets, adding gallery items to featured datasets, and archiving out-of-date data.
Curate the HDX Data Grids by focusing on specific countries or subcategories and helping to increase data completeness in priority humanitarian operations.
Identify potential data contributors and work to bring new organizations into the HDX community.
Promote the use of the Humanitarian Exchange Language (HXL) data standard to increase the interoperability of data from spreadsheets and systems.
Work with HDX data contributors and data users to explore opportunities for data integration and backend development and propose improvements to existing processes and systems.
Provide training to partners on the HDX platform, data cleaning, and data visualization tools.
Attend meetings and workshops to represent HDX and the Center.
Participate in team and partner meetings as required.

[wbcr_html_snippet id=”1254″ title=”In-Feed Ads”]Female candidates are strongly encouraged to apply
Candidates with no United Nations or UNOPS experience are strongly encouraged to apply

Advanced university degree (Master’s degree or equivalent), preferably in statistics, mathematics, economics, computer science, or a related field.
A first-level university degree in similar fields in combination with two (2) years of qualifying experience may be accepted in lieu of the advanced university degree.
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Work Experience


A minimum of 2 years of experience using spreadsheets, statistical software, and/or open source tools to analyze, evaluate, and visualize data is required.
Strong interpersonal and networking skills are required.
Desired Experience The following experiences are optional. (Candidates who do not have them are welcome to apply.)

Knowledge of geographic (GIS) data, its analytical procedures and software is desirable
Knowledge of statistical programming languages (e.g., R, Python, and NumPy) is desirable.
Knowledge of web-development technologies is a plus (e.g., JavaScript, HTML, CSS).
Experience with humanitarian data and indicators is desirable.


Fluency in English (read, write, speak) is required
Fluency in French (read, write, speak) is required
Knowledge of another UN official language is an advantage.
Treats all individuals with respect, responds sensitively to differences, and encourages others to do the same. Upholds organizational and ethical norms. Maintains high standards of trustworthiness. Role model for diversity and inclusion.
Acts as a positive role model, contributing to the team spirit. Collaborates and supports the development of others. For people managers only: Acts as a positive leadership role model, motivates, directs, and inspires others to succeed, utilizing appropriate leadership styles.
Demonstrates understanding of the impact of their own role on all partners and always puts the end beneficiary first. Builds and maintains strong external relationships and is a competent partner for others (if relevant to the role).
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Efficiently establishes an appropriate course of action for oneself and/or others to accomplish a goal. Actions lead to total task accomplishment through concern for quality in all areas. Sees opportunities and takes the initiative to act on them. Understands that responsible use of resources maximizes our impact on our beneficiaries.
Open to change and flexible in a fast-paced environment. Effectively adapts their own approach to suit changing circumstances or requirements. Reflects on experiences and modifies own behavior. Performance is consistent, even under pressure. Always pursues continuous improvement.
Evaluates data and courses of action to reach logical, pragmatic decisions. Takes an unbiased, rational approach with calculated risks. Applies innovation and creativity to problem-solving.
Expresses ideas or facts in a clear, concise, and open manner. Communication indicates consideration for the feelings and needs of others. Actively listens and proactively shares knowledge. Handles conflict effectively by overcoming differences of opinion and finding common ground.

Contract type: Individual Contractor Agreement (ICA) – Retainer: A retainer contract is issued for a period of time during which the services of the individual contractor are required intermittently. The individual contractor agreement on a retainer basis will specify a “unit price” per day worked. For budgetary purposes, a monetary cap will be determined when the contract is awarded and issued. Please note that the retainer contract will not provide for a minimum, and payment will be made only after completion of work
Contract level: International Individual Contractor Agreement (I-ICA 1)
Contract duration: 12 months
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For more details about the ICA contractual modality, please follow this link:
This is not a position in UNOPS. UNOPS is solely providing operational support to its partner, UNOCHA, for this recruitment process. The selected candidate will be a personnel member of UNOCA under its full responsibility, and salaries and benefits will be decided by UNOCA.

Please note that the closing date is midnight Copenhagen time
Applications received after the closing date will not be considered.
Only those candidates that are shortlisted for interviews will be notified.
Qualified female candidates are strongly encouraged to apply.
UNOPS seeks to reasonably accommodate candidates with special needs, upon request.
Work-life harmonization: UNOPS values its people and recognizes the importance of balancing professional and personal demands. We have a progressive policy on work-life harmonization and offer several flexible working options. This policy applies to UNOPS personnel on all contract types
For staff positions only, UNOPS reserves the right to appoint a candidate at a lower level than the advertised level of the post [wbcr_html_snippet id=”1252″ title=”In-Article Ads”]
For retainer contracts, you must complete a few mandatory courses (around 4 hours) in your own time before providing services to UNOPS.
The incumbent is responsible for adhering to the security policies, administrative instructions, plans, and procedures of the UN Security Management System and UNOPS.
It is the policy of UNOPS to conduct background checks on all potential recruits and interns.
Recruitment and internships at UNOPS are contingent on the results of such checks.

UNOPS is an operational arm of the United Nations, supporting the successful implementation of its partners’ peacebuilding, humanitarian, and development projects around the world. Our mission is to help people build better lives and help countries achieve sustainable development.

UNOPS areas of expertise cover infrastructure, procurement, project management, financial management, and human resources.

Working with us

UNOPS offers short- and long-term work opportunities in diverse and challenging environments across the globe. We are looking for creative, results-focused professionals with skills in a range of disciplines.


With over 4,000 UNOPS personnel and approximately 7,000 personnel recruited on behalf of UNOPS partners spread across 80 countries, our workforce represents a wide range of nationalities and cultures. We promote a balanced, diverse workforce—aa strength that helps us better understand and address our partners’ needs—and continually strive to improve our gender balance through initiatives and policies that encourage the recruitment of qualified female candidates.

Work-life harmonization

UNOPS values its people and recognizes the importance of balancing professional and personal demands.

Background information: Sustainable Development Cluster
Based in New York, the Sustainable Development Cluster (SDC) supports diverse partners with their peacebuilding, humanitarian, and development operations.
The SDC’s services include grant management, development and special initiatives support, and technology support to the UN and UN agencies.
The SDC is part of the New York Service Cluster that supports the United Nations Secretariat as well as a broadening community of other New York-based United Nations organizations and bilateral and multilateral partners in the delivery of the UNOPS mandate in project management, infrastructure management, and procurement management.

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